Eat Makeup – It’s Good For You. Lol


I saw this on and I thought it was hilarious! Just wanted to share with you. I guess I know what I’m having for dinner. Yummy! Happy Monday everyone =)


2012 Academy Awards Hairstyles & Makeup Looks – FAIL!!


That’s my feeling of the the hair and makeup at the Academy Awards last night. I was not impressed at all. Everyone played it safe and the same tired looks were on display. The ladies on the red carpet went for Old Hollywood Glam when it came to hair and makeup looks. I love Old Hollywood Glam, but with some kind of drama or pop. Nothing “popped” for me last night and I found myself completely uninspired.

I looked for my usual hair/makeup love interest, Ms. Jennifer Lopez, and she dissapointed me with a simple bun! I wanted to smack her face! Don’t get me wrong I love a large, high, polished bun occassionally but I’ve been seeing the same style bun for over a year now on different celebrities. Switch it up hunny!!! Although, I did love her makeup. I’m angry with you “Jenny from the block“. Next time bring it and stop being lazy with the hair….

Even the long, wavy hairstyles looked blah… Pump up the volume, throw a few extensions on that head and work the red carpet for me!!! Jesus Christ, is that so much to ask for these days??? I would love to know how much money the celebrity stylists received for doing hair last night. One word – REFUND!!

Now – my sweet, little Katy Perry. I want to punch your colorist right in the mouth. Blue hair?? Really? I love you and your music but get a grip on your hair color baby doll.  On a positive note, I did adore your haircut.  It was sharp, sexy, and sophisticated.

The makeup was understated and rightfully so, it is the Academy Awards. I liked the makeup but I didn’t love it. I saw lots of winged eyeliner and soft neutral eyes. An ocasssional red lip which I’m not the biggest fan of, I only believe a few select women can pull it off flawlessly (i.e. Gwen Stefani).

I apologize for my violant frustration but I’m very passionate when it comes to hair & makeup. I look forward to award shows and red carpets for inspiration. Unfortunately, last night I was not inspired.

Below are photos of the hairstyle & makeup looks. What is your opinion???

Mara Rooney

Ellie Kemper

Berenice Bejo

Berenice Bejo - From Side

Jennifer Lopez - Front

Jennifer Lopez - Back

Katy Perry

Katy Perry - Full effect

Angelina Jolie

Maria Menunos

Emma Stone

Emma Stone - From Side

Brooklyn Decker

Shailene Woodley

Gwyneth Paltrow

Kate Mara

Miley Cyrus

Sandra Bullock

Milla Jovovich

Stacy Kiebler