Remy hair & Indian Virgin Remy human hair explained. Why is it so special???

Remy Human Hair

Remy Hair, Indian hair, Virgin Remy hair….what the hell does it all mean???

The word “Remy” is probably one of the most misunderstood and overused phrases in our industry. Some common misconceptions about Remy human hair are: Remy hair is only Indian hair, Remy hair is an extremely rare blend of fine/thin hair, Remy hair can only be purchased in high-end salons, or Remy hair costs thousands of dollars.

Remy human hair consists of hair extensions made from virgin human hair of the highest quality grade. There may be some chemical treatments involved after the raw material is acquired (hair dye or cuticle removal). Indian Virgin Remy hair is completely pure. To be considered Indian Virgin Remy hair, chemicals of any kind must have never touched the hair and it must be imported from India. With all Remy hair, the strands must follow the same direction and be of the same length to ensure a high quality set free of tangling.

Indian Virgin Remy Human Hair

Many years ago the definition of remy hair was used to describe human hair that was the highest grade of virgin hair with an intact cuticle. Remy hair was also required to be mono-directional. Maintaining hair direction is very difficult, since a majority of the raw material (recently cut human hair) is gathered at temples and not from a controlled environment like a lab or hair salon.

Therefore, the original distinction of Remy hair was established to represent hair extensions that were strong and healthy virgin hair that was free of chemical processing. The hair has to be carefully collected to ensure all strands maintain a mono-directional form and an intact cuticle to protect the hair shaft.

Over time some consumers actually began to prefer non-cuticle hair extensions. So the term Remy or Remi Hair Extensions (as used in European countries) lost some of its meaning, since cuticle hair was not necessarily a requirement of fine, much desired hair extensions.

22 inch Indian Virgin Remy hair (Lighter shades chemically altered by manufacturers)

Also, many women in Europe and in the United States began to purchase hair extensions that required hair colors of lighter brown and blond. Unfortunately, most of the world marketplaces of human hair do not include these shades. To achieve the lighter shades, the hair has to be chemically altered (bleached, highlighted). Therefore, the hair is no longer “Virgin” hair, but the quality of hair is still considered Remy hair. While I offer all shades of color in the Remy human hair, I only sell dark shades in Indian Virgin Remy hair. It is extremely expensive and hard to find lighter shades of what wholesale companies consider Indian Virgin Remy hair. In reality, there is no such thing as blond or light brown Indian Virgin Remy hair. The true form of this hair is imported from India cut from the heads of young Indian women & children. Any so-called Indian Virgin Remy hair that is of a lighter shade, has in some way been chemically altered by the manufacturer.

India is a country dominated by a huge religious population of Hindus. A belief in Hinduism is sacrificing ones hair in the name of God.

Hair, for most people, is what defines their physical appearance. It can be an expression of social conformity & affiliation. In hinduism, sacrificing your hair in the name of God means you are letting go of your ego & your everyday life routine & devoting time to God.

Indian women donate their hair to a temple. The temple collects the hair & sets it aside to be auctioned. Only affluent people take part in these auctions as the hair has to be bought in bulk & literally costs millions of dollars. Food for thought.

I hope I haven’t confused you! Haha….

If you are in the process of purchasing high-quality extensions via the Internet, you probably have came across hundreds of sites that offer human hair extensions. The market is saturated and rightfully so…the sale of hair extensions is a 100 billion dollar a year industry. When in doubt purchase your extensions from me!!!

Go to for the highest quality hair! (Come on – what kind of business woman would I be if I didn’t throw in a little self-promotion?? Lol)

Indian Virgin Remy Human Hair

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